Compressed Air Plant

MultiGas can advise you on the most appropriate compressor for your needs

Compressor technology has evolved considerably in recent decades. Compressors today are more efficient, cleaner and better controlled than ever before. These developments are all designed to help customers save money through energy savings, whilst still providing the necessary compressed air, critical for their needs. The most common types of compressor we supply are defined as fixed /variable speed and oil lubricated/oil free.

Fixed speed compressors

A fixed speed compressor as its name suggests either runs at full speed or is stopped so sizing is critical to maximise efficiency.

Variable speed compressors

A variable speed motor that controls the speed of the air end to try and match air supply to air demand. This additional control helps save considerable amounts of energy, up to 35% in some applications. Variable speed compressors regulate their speed so they produce only the air that is required, rather than switching themselves on and off at regular intervals to meet the required demand.

Oil lubricated compressors

Lubricated compressors use oil to cool and lubricate the air end, improving efficiency and reducing wear of the compressor.

Oil free compressors

Many food and pharmaceutical applications require compressed air without any trace of lubricating oil. This can be removed with filters, or more reliably, the air can be made in an oil free compressor guaranteeing there is never any oil in the compressed air in the first place.

MultiGas has considerable experience installing servicing and maintaining both oil free and variable speed compressors.

Compressed air pipework

MultiGas supply and install a number of different pipework systems for customers. The material used is dependent on a number of factors including existing pipework, complexity and length of runs required as well as cost and required durability. We regularly fit traditional galvanised steel, copper and stainless steel pipework systems.