New Life science laboratory

Project value £1.1M

Multigas Installations are proud to have a long trading partnership with a leading global business.

The design specification of this project was to install the infrastructure for high purity gases in six labs, supplied by several 2×1 Auto-change manifolds for grade 5.0 gases with cylinder change alarms.  All high purity gases pipelines  where to be installed using  ½’’ VSR80  stainless steel.

The manifold and gas cylinders are required to be contained in a bespoke gas cage. All high purity gases where to be installed to the design specifications of ½’’ VSR80  stainless steel.

A compressed air supply was required to all lab areas with ¾’’ stainless steel pipe and reduced to ½’’ pipeline at the entry point to the building. A mandatory  element for personal safety required was the installation of a full gas detection system with auditable sirens and beacons located in all working areas monitoring  Carbon Dioxide levels and Oxygen Depletion and enrichment concentrations. To complete this installation project a full Written Scheme of Examination (WSE) was conducted before operational  handover to the client.